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Innovative Prosthetics has extensive experience addressing the lifestyle needs of active men, women, and children. Innovative Prosthetics & Orthotic Professionals, Inc. promotes the highest level of patient care services as a proud member of the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association.

Our experienced team is dedicated to helping each of our patients reach their full potential in terms of comfort, mobility and function.

Ellie Dias, CPO
(Certified Prosthetist Orthotist)

Ellie Dias, CPO is the Clinical Director at Innovative Prosthetics. Ellie graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Orthotics and Prosthetics in 1996 and has been working in the field since that time. She completed her Orthotic Residency at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida in 1997, and her Prosthetic Residency at RDA in 1998. In addition to her extensive experience in prosthetics, Ellie has over ten years experience working with a pediatric population.

Paula Englander, JD (Juris Doctor)

Paula Englander, Juris Doctor

Paula Englander founded Innovative Prosthetics with her husband Ron Englander, CP in 1999. Paula’s father, a member of the Greatest Generation, was an above-knee amputee who lost his leg at the age of 19, following a World War II injury. Her dad bought a prosthetic and orthotic company in 1951, and renamed it Freeze and Tyo. Paula began working at her Dad’s lab in 1968, and worked there on and off until he sold it to her husband in 1978. Since graduating from law school in 1982, Paula worked as legal counsel and consultant to the corporation. She now works at Innovative Prosthetics.

Ron Englander, CP (Certified Prosthetist)

Ron Englander, CP Certified Prosthetist

Ron Englander graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1973, and went to work at Freeze & Tyo, his father-in-law’s company, in Syracuse, New York.  Ron became a certified prosthetist in 1978, and bought the company Freeze and Tyo in the same year.  Freeze and Tyo became Orthopedic Technologies, Inc., with six offices in New York State. Ron and Paula sold their interest in the New York offices, and moved to Denver in 1983. Ron purchased a company that became Aurora Orthopedics which has now been sold.  Ron and Paula opened Innovative Prosthetics together in 1999.

Robert Hoover, CPT
(Certified Prosthetic Technician)

Robert Hoover, CPT Certified Prosthetic Technician

Robert Hoover, CPT is the laboratory manager at Innovative Prosthetics. He became a certified prosthetic technician in 1997 and has over twenty years of experience as a prosthetic technician Prior to joining Innovative Prosthetics, he managed a lab that fabricated prosthetic devices for five facilities. He has extensive experience in both upper and lower extremity prosthetics.

Jared Dasbach, prosthetic technician.

Jared Dasbach, prosthetic technician

Jared has been working in our prosthetic lab for almost two years. His training continues under Robert Hoover's careful attention.

Frank D. Comer III

Frank D. Comer III

Frank worked for Ron since 1986 and was a technician and prosthetist with Innovative Prosthetic since its foundation in 1999. Frank retired in November, 2011 and passed away July 13, 2012 in Aurora, Colorado. He was funny, smart, very caring, and his patients truly loved him. We will all miss him deeply.

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